What is a Blog? Full Guide for Blogging Newbies (2019)

For many of us, the concept of blogging either seems unfamiliar or intimidating and difficult to understand. If you're one of the "many" and would like to learn what blogging is and how it works, this article will take you through an incisive overview of the fundamentals and important aspects.

By the end of this article, you should be able to understand the basic concept of blogging and have a birds eye view on how you can setup, grow and monetize a blog.
If you're a blogging newbie, the information contained in this article should serve as a solid foundation to build upon, if necessary.
What is a blog? A blog is a website or a page on a website where an individual or group of individuals regularly share their personal experiences, thoughts, and records similar to the entries of a personal diary, or their knowledge, views and ideas on a single topic or multiple topics to an audience.
The personal stories and knowledge expressed on the blog are termed "the blog …

10 Creative Ways to Eat Gari

It's easy to commit to the same old pattern with gariーsoak in cold water with a few groundnut seeds or make into eba and fire-up with kpomo rich egusi soup perhaps? Break free of your gari groove.

Here are 10 inspiring ways to make sure you're exploring the grains to the fullest. 1. Soaked Gari Soaked gari is an excellent option for lunch especially when you're looking for something light and sustainable. It can serve as a great appetizer as well as dessert.

How to soak gari. → Pour fine gari into a bowl and add water till submerged. (1 or 2 inches) → Stir a bit, allow to settle and then sieve out the floating grains and dirt.
→ Repeat step as many times as you wish to obtain clean gari. → Add or remove water to match the type of consistency you like.

NB: You can use lukewarm water or ice cold water + ice.
Now, depending on your taste, budget and dieting, you can polish up the cereal with any of these.   Sweetener It could be sugar, honey, maple syrup, stevia or whatever y…