EasyBlog: Iphone App for Blogging (Blogger)

The EasyBlog smartphone app is a blogging application designed specifically with the users in mind.
It is a simple creation that seeks to push content development and management even closer to the finger tips.
In this review, we will find out how Credencys Solutions Inc. (the creators of this app) offered to meet this goal, and whether or not they nailed it. App Goals:The app is intended to provide a convenient way for users to access, create, edit, and manage blog posts using their smartphones. The Features:The app isn't an extensive one which means it pack only a few features from its mother platform “the blogger software”
These features include:
1] An editor which can be used to create, edit and manage blog posts. It consists of simple content formatting tools which are identified as follows:

The bold tool: For making texts appear bold. The italics tool: For slanting texts.  The underline tool: To underling texts. The bullets and numbering tool: For indentation of…

The Pros and Cons of Blogging

There are so many positives attached with starting a blog and growing it to success. By positives I’m talking, some serious self-improvement, job opportunities, financial freedom along with many others. 
But, that’s just the positives. And like many other things, blogging has its downsides too. Some of these downsides bear serious weight and are part of the reasons why many bloggers eventually end up quitting.
Thus, it is important that you learn and understand the advantages and disadvantages of blogging beforehand.
This way, you would be prepared for the challenges to be encountered as well as the benefits reapable, when you eventually decide to join the community.
I advise you take your time and evaluate these benefits and dis-benefits of blogging in order to be able to make a rational decision in the end.
Without much talking, Here are the key pros and cons of blogging, and to keep the moral high up, I’ll start with the pros of blogging. The Pros of Blogging
 1] No coding skills, no proble…

What is a Blog? Full Guide for Blogging Newbies (2019)

For many of us, the concept of blogging seems unfamiliar, intimidating or difficult to understand. 

If you're one of the "many" and would like to learn what blogging is and how it works, this article will take you through an incisive overview of the fundamentals and important aspects.
By the end of this article, you should be able to understand the basic concept of blogging and have a bird’s eye view on how you can setup, grow and monetize a blog.
If you're a blogging newbie, the information contained in this article should serve as a solid foundation to build upon.
What is a blog?
A blog is a website or a page on a website where an individual or group of individuals regularly share their personal experiences, thoughts, and records similar to the entries of a personal diary, or their knowledge, views and ideas on a single topic or multiple topics to an audience.
The personal stories and knowledge expressed on the blog are termed 'the blog posts' and are usually dis…