Right Ingredients for Puff Pastry

An excellent puff pastry starts with the right ingredients and so it is important that you use the correct and quality ingredients whenever you're making one. So if you're going to splurge heavy amount of cash shopping, puff pastry is the right time to do it. Below is a quick run-down on what ingredients you need for a successful, nectarous and excellent puff pastry.
A simple puff pastry constitute only flour, salt and butter. However since puff pastry recipe is a bit flexible, you usually find other ingredients like lemon juice, yeast, baking powder and some few more.
The very first ingredient i'm going to start with is the heart of puff pastry "Flour" There really isn't much when it comes to choosing flour for puff pastry. All you'd want is a flour with a slightly high protein content which effectively forms gluten for elasticity and resilience and contains little to no bran. Basically these characteristics are more dominant in All purpose flour and Pa…

Food Fraud: 11 surprising cases hard to believe

Perhaps a stroke of luck and good business etiquette handed a Chinese business the worst experience it could recall as it had to watch dozens of people die with several hundred severely ill from its food, simply because a lethal rat poison was secretly spiked in its food by a jealous competitor.
In recent years, there has been increased swelling in food fraud globally identified in forms like "Adulteration, Tampering Overrun, Theft, Diversion, Simulation, and Counterfeit" according to John Spink and Douglas Moyer Authors of the MSU study.
Whilst authorities from around the globe are fully committed to fighting against the scourge with developing technologies, collaborations and even promotion of transparent information sharing,
It's sad to understand these fraudsters expanding from individuals all the way to full established organisations understand these strategies and are fast to update their technologies to dodge inspections and fraudulently interfere with food produ…

Me with eggs

One way or the other, you must have had a taste of that depressing experience where you crack open that fresh looking egg only to ruin the entire process of your favourite Cream Cheese Pie, or you sink your teeth into your beloved Brownie Crisps only to ruin that luxurious moment of gratification with a feel of the crunchiness and crispness of egg shells!

No hard feelings, we've all been there. That is why i present to you this awesome article on “Different Egg tips, tricks and hacks” to help not only make you an eggspert, but an eggsperienced and eggcellent chef as well. Read on to string out the fun!
1.  Identifying Bad Eggs One of the worst feelings working in the kitchen is to "crack open" a rotten egg. Dear me! I mean who would want to breathe a whiff of that oozy, putrid, hydrogen sulphide! But then again we have the “Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder”. Okay Bunu enough!
As distorted as it may sound, there is only one way I know to 100% Identify a bad egg, and that’s …

Three Methods For Puff Pastry

Across the web there are nearly as many techniques for puff pastry as there are bakers, but if there is anything common to all its the final result. In this section today, i am going to be showing you in details different methods, techniques and even styles to accomplish puff pastry. But before i give the game away i strongly suggest you check my article on "Right Ingredients for Puff pastry" to stay on track. Alright then, let’s do this.