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Food Fraud: 11 surprising cases hard to believe

Perhaps a stroke of luck and good business etiquette handed a Chinese business the worst experience it could recall as it had to watch dozens of people die with several hundred severely ill from its food, simply because a lethal rat poison was secretly spiked in its food by a jealous competitor.
In recent years, there has been increased swelling in food fraud globally identified in forms like "Adulteration, Tampering Overrun, Theft, Diversion, Simulation, and Counterfeit" according to John Spink and Douglas Moyer Authors of the MSU study.
Whilst authorities from around the globe are fully committed to fighting against the scourge with developing technologies, collaborations and even promotion of transparent information sharing,
It's sad to understand these fraudsters expanding from individuals all the way to full established organisations understand these strategies and are fast to update their technologies to dodge inspections and fraudulently interfere with food produ…