10 Creative Ways to Eat Gari

It's easy to commit to the same old pattern with gariーsoak in cold water with a few groundnut seeds or make into eba and fire-up with kpomo rich egusi soup perhaps? Break free of your gari groove.

Here are 10 inspiring ways to make sure you're exploring the grains to the fullest.

1. Soaked Gari

Soaked gari is an excellent option for lunch especially when you're looking for something light and sustainable. It can serve as a great appetizer as well as dessert.


How to soak gari.

→ Pour fine gari into a bowl and add water till submerged. (1 or 2 inches)
→ Stir a bit, allow to settle and then sieve out the floating grains and dirt.
→ Repeat step as many times as you wish to obtain clean gari.
→ Add or remove water to match the type of consistency you like.

NB: You can use lukewarm water or ice cold water + ice.

Now, depending on your taste, budget and dieting, you can polish up the cereal with any of these.  


It could be sugar, honey, maple syrup, stevia or whatever your healthy diet dictates.


If you're not allergic and its budget friendly, I totally recommend it. You can opt for milk in any of its evaporated, powdered or condensed form.

All the crunchy

Any of Fried/Roasted/Grilled--beef, fish, shrimps, kilishi, or suya. Cookies like chin-chin, biscuit, kuli-kuli, or any crunchy that wouldn't muddle the taste of gari the way you like it would be an excellent addition. How you eat the combo is totally exclusive to you. One thing is certain, there will be crunchiness on one side and mushiness on the other. Oh heaven!

Nuts and Fruits

Tiger nut, cashew nut, peanut, coconut, groundnut and your favourite fruits are all ways you can blow life to your cereal. 

Bread and Akara

Thanks to its binding nature and soft texture when soaked, gari is a perfect combination with any of bread, okpa, moi-moi and akara.

Bean porridge

For extra bulk, taste and protein in every mouthful, you should consider sparing 5 minutes to make bean porridge. I can't explain how well this complements.
Also, instead of bean porridge, you can opt for a simple sauce like chicken sauce, vegetable+beans sauce or any sauce or soup you know should blend well that I don't.

2. Eba

Photo Credit: landmarkhotels.com.ng

This classic Nigerian swallow dish showcases how incredibly, gari can transition from a light appetite-soothing meal to a heavy one.

How to prepare eba.

- Bring the water to a boil in a large pot.
- Sprinkle in the gari and cook--stirring constantly until it becomes a paste similar to mashed potato consistency. You can sprinkle paprika, grounded pepper or anything you feel would make the lump less boring. 

Eba-plantain: If the sour taste of eba is an acid on your tongue, you should consider mixing it with mashed plantain to offset it.

How to prepare eba-plantain

- Mash and mix large chunks of boiled plantain with eba till fairly smooth.

You can eat eba or eba-plantain with richly made soups like,
  • Egusi soup
  • Okro soup
  • Ogbono soup
  • Vegetable soup
  • Biitterleaf soup
  • Oha soup

3. Gari Salad 

Another way to have gari when  you're craving for grainy−infused with savoury taste.

How to make gari salad 

- Sprinkle gari with a bit of water to soften, then season lightly.
- Add the softened gari to your favourite salad mix.
- Combine and enjoy.

Old school

- Sprinkle fine gari with a bit of water to soften. 
- Add groundnut/kuli-kuli pepper, suya pepper or finely chopped raw pepper.
- Add diced onions, tomato and a bit of red oil.
- Add salt/maggi. 
- Combine and enjoy.

For those who like to take matters to the oven and frying pan, this one is for you.
You can try gari flour recipes like,

4. Gari Forto (Gari Jollof)

Mixing gari with tomato sauce and veggies is a quick way Ghanaians love to enjoy gari. This Jollof can be eaten as a main dish or an accompaniment for rice or beans (Try recipe here)

Photo Credit: oyooquartey

5. Gari Cake

A classic boarding school cooking memory you can revive in your kitchen. It only takes about 1hr 30 minutes to make this breathtaking yum! (Try recipe here)

Photo credit: 9jafoodie.com

6. Wainar Rogo

While you're making eba, set aside a part to make this beautiful cookie to round out the meal.The different shapes is another easy way for your kids to memorise their geometric shapes 💚

How to make wainar rogo

With fine gari

- Get a sustainable amount of fine gari and sprinkle it in a bowl containing hot water.
- Cover the bowl and pour out the excess hot water. (or simply add hot water to the fine gari till its about the same consistency as eba) 
- Add finely chopped onions/pepper, season as you would like and mix for evenness.
- Cut in desired shapes, rest for 10 minutes and deep-fry in a hot vegetable or olive oil. 
- Serve with grounded pepper or basic salad like (tomatoes + cucumber) 

With raw Cassava.

- Get raw cassava, peel and boil till soft.
- Pound in a mortar or whatever you have- till pliable.
- Add finely chopped onions/pepper and season as you would like.
- Mix for evenness, cut in desired shapes and rest for about 10 minutes.
- Deep-fry in a hot vegetable or olive oil.

Maryam Al-Mansur a contributor at arewacafeteria.com also has a great way to prepare this cookie so it has more protein content and nutrients͢ healthy for kids. (Try recipe here)

7. Gari Biscuit

A delicious baked dough of gari flour and other customary baking items. You can dip in soups or eat straight from oven. (Try recipe here
    Photo Credit: whattocooktoday.com

    8. Gari and Groundnut Cookie

    A very good use for your left-over suya pepper is "gari-groundnut cookie". This spicy crusty bake will surely keep your nail biting habit on the check. (Try recipe here)

    Photo Credit: www.1qfoodplatter.com

    9. Garrinola

    You love granola? there are endless combinations to try and "garrinola" is one of them. Chioma Ikejiofor's twist to granola-- bakes garri grains rather than oats with oil, flavours and seeds, and then combines with fruits and nuts to serve in yoghurt or cold milk. (Try recipe here)

    Photo Credit: www.mummysyum.com

    10. Gari Chocolate Truffle

    If you salivate from the thoughts of gari in milk and chocolate, then this truffles were made for you. Cream, chocolate and time is all it takes to make gari this elegant, decadent and delicious (Try recipe here)

    Photo Credit: Myactivekitchen.com

    What Else?
    I know I've said alot, but I've not said it all.
    If you have a favourite gari recipe not mentioned above, feel free to post it in the comment section below.