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EasyBlog blogging application

The EasyBlog smartphone app is a blogging application designed specifically with the blogger.com users in mind.

It is a simple creation that seeks to push content development and management even closer to the finger tips.

In this review, we will find out how Credencys Solutions Inc. (the creators of this app) offered to meet this goal, and whether or not they nailed it.

App Goals: 

The app is intended to provide a quick way for blogger.com users to manage their blog posts directly from their smartphones.

The Features: 

The app isn't an extensive one which means it pack only a few features from its mother platform “the blogger software”

These features include:

1] An editor which can be used to create, edit and manage blog posts. It consists of simple content formatting tools which are identified as follows:

EasyBlog Editor

The bold tool: For making texts appear bold.
The italics tool: For slanting texts. 
The underline tool: To underling texts.
The bullets and numbering tool: For indentation of paragraphs using bullets or numbers in sequential orders.
The link tool: For converting texts to links
The clear tool: For clearing the entire entries made into an editor.
The done tool: To hide the content formatting tools tab.

A publish and draft buttons are also located at a tab just above the main editor area. They are used for publishing contents and saving drafts respectively.

EasyBlog Publish and Draft buttons

2] An Auto-Sync which automatically saves entries made into the editor. It functions much like the MS Word auto-saver and it offloads the stress of having to perform manual saves constantly. You can observe the Auto-Sync feature whenever you type in contents and the ‘publish and draft’ buttons fade in and out.

EasyBlog Auto-Sync

3] A tutorial page which helps explain how to navigate and access features from within the main environment. (You won’t even need this, trust me!)

The Interface:

When you first launch the app, it opens up to a simple page where you would be required to sign into your google account in order to access the main environment.

EasyBlog Login Page

After a successful login, the app launches into the main environment characterized by scanty features.
Mine looks like this:

EasyBlog Main Environment

You can immediately see all your blog posts and saved drafts.

The ‘All’ tab displays both published posts and saved drafts collectively.

The ‘Published’ and ‘Drafts’ menus display all published and drafted contents respectively.

The blog title with the v symbol at the top-left corner of the main page indicates the blog switch menu. You can switch between different blogs available within your google account.

Opposite the blog switch tab is a three layer lines of decreasing lengths. It opens into an extension tab with several menus which includes the:

1] View Blog which returns you to the main environment
2] About page: which include all information about the developers alongside legal information. 
3] Settings which allows you to tweak features
4] Tutorial
5] Sign out

At the bottom right of the main environment is a crimson red circle with a plus sign over it. It provides access to the editor. (create new blog post)

The editor page contain entries for post title, post label as well as content body.

You can access the content formatting tools by tapping in the body section of the editor. 

The Pros:

Simplicity: The first thing you will notice when you initially login to this app is how friendly and easy to master the interface is. There are a few buttons and tabs, which makes it less intimidating. The color selection is nice and texts are bold and friendly.

A decent editing tool: One thing i absolutely love about this app is how powerfully quick it allows you to make edits to your contents. Like you could be spotting an error in your blog posts anytime, anywhere and bam! you’re in EasyBlog making corrections. 

I also find it useful when i need to make edits to contents i formatted using MS Word and published on blogger. As you know, the blogger editor is dumb. When you try to make changes to contents you formatted and uploaded form MS Word, you are likely to end up with a content that looks exactly like reese’s pieces i.e. (Different fonts at different sections of your blog posts)

With EasyBlog, you can make changes to any part of your contents without the risk of running into the auto formatting bug.

The Auto-Sync feature works fine: Your contents are saved the minute you enter them and sometimes faster than you can spot.

The overall experience is smooth: Navigating through pages and typing using the editor keyboard is seamless. No freezing, and the app doesn’t slow on devices. 

The Cons: 

There is a bug that constantly makes the app exit when you type for too long or too fast. 
* The clear tool is wrongly positioned: The clear tool is positioned just above the keyboard. You need to be extra careful to make sure you don't hit the button mistakenly. Else, you risk loosing all your entries —in a flash. What makes it even more annoying is how unbelievably fast the Auto-Sync feature will save these changes —leaving you with absolutely no way to recover the deleted post back!

EasyBlog App

* No support for any other media aside texts: Yes! You heard that right. Easy blog offers a text editor that supports only one media type and that is texts. You will not be able to add images, videos or sounds to your contents. In my opinion the authors should have referred to it as a tool for editing already published contents on the go rather than for creating new ones.

* App keeps logging out on constant occasions: At one or two occasions, your account would be logged out automatically and you will need to re-enter your login details to gain access back into the app. This can be very frustrating.

* Limited content formatting tools: There are only a few tools available to format blog posts. Other key tools such as “quotes” “fonts” “text size” “headers” “undo” “redo” and many more are missing. This makes content development less exciting and creative.

EasyBlog App

* Limited Features: The app is also missing some key features such as the “post excerpt” “permalink” “schedule” and “preview” all of which are available on the mother platform the ‘blogger software’.

EasyBlog App Features

* SEO wasn’t a priority: With key SEO features such as ‘Headers’ ‘post excerpt’ ‘permalink’ and ‘other media support’ missing, you don’t need anyone to tell you that relying on this app only, to create blog posts will hurt your search engine rankings.

*You will need to re-enter ‘search meta description’ anew everytime you make edits to an already published contents. The app dosent support this feature, so you will need to do this via the blogger platform. Ugh!

* Aside having to re-enter ‘search meta description’ anew, you will also need to hit the publish button everytime you make edits to an already published contents. Whenever you forget to do so, the content would be unpublished and drafted.


The cons of this app seriously outweight the pros. But that dosent mean its useless.
The app is quite useful when viewed as a tool for editing already published contents and creating text drafts that would be extended using more advanced apps or software like MS Word or the blogger platform. But, if you are looking for an all rounded blogging smartphone app with advanced features much like those of the blogger software or even better, then you'll need to look further than EasyBlog.

The App is available on the ios Appstore for free.

App rating:  🌟★★★
Reason: Key features are missing, key content formatting tools are missing. Not optimised for SEO.

Watch here: Video review by crizzonet

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