Jumia Online Shopping: 10 tips to land the best jumia deals

Jumia Shopping
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Shopping on jumia mall tends to be pretty simple, with a few keystrokes you can find almost anything on its inventory...and buy it for a lesser price than most competitors.
Plus it's web and app options makes it possible to shop on any platform.

But while the company is admired for its bargains, shopping on it alone doesn't guarantee the best deals.

To land the furthest trim on your checkout prices and ensure you're getting the best product out there, you'll need to go a bit further than typing keywords into the jumia search bar.

Below are few tips to help you pay extra attention on anything you're purchasing from jumia mall, in an effort to score the sweetest deals on the right products.

1) Go through the product page thoroughly:

Jumia provides a product and seller information listing on every individual product page.

It's a good way to learn more about the product you're purchasing and also peek at a seller's reputation for comparisons with other sellers of same products.

Even though your money is relatively safe when you get scammed by a local seller, nobody really wants the hassle of dealing with the refund system.

Its much better to perform your due diligence before hitting the "Confirm Button".

And here's how to do it.

-Check seller information:

On the seller information listing you can find key information about a seller such as;

-Fulfillment Rate (out of 5): A measure of how successful a seller is (selling products) on jumia.
-Product Quality (out of 5): A measure of how good the products offered by the seller are.
Shipping Speed (out of 5): A measure of how fast the seller fulfills items to the jumia warehouse upon receiving order from a customer.
Selling on Jumia: How long a seller has been selling on jumia.
Number of Successful Sales: The total number of items successfully delivered to customers by the seller.
Overall Seller Score (out of 100%): An overall rating of the seller based on all the factors mentioned above.

Jumia Seller Information

You can use these as a guide to compare different sellers of a particular product and single out the quality ones to purchase from.

-Check reviews:

Every serious shopping platform should have a review listing, and so does jumia.

The review system is there to compensate for the biggest drawback of online shopping-- and that's the inability to see or test products first-hand before buying.

Make sure you always read reviews on jumia before making any purchase to discern how good that product is.

Jumia Reviews

You can as well visit the product's page on the manufacturer website and other popular platforms like amazon or eBay to check out what people are saying about that particular product elsewhere.

While doing so, you need to be on the qui vive for fake reviews as these listing can be easily gamed.alert-warning
Here are some useful tips to help you spot suspicious reviews on jumia.

  • A five star or one star without any convincing reason.
  • A review totally unrelated to the product in question
Jumia Fake Reviews

  • A review without the "verified purchase" badge, that falls in any of the categories above.

Jumia Verified Purchase

-Check specifications:

The product specification page will provide you with critical defining information about a product which can include; the manufacturer, whats in the box, design specifications i.e. (sizes, colors, material type...) etc.

You need to pay extra attention to this section especially when you are shopping for products offered in different specification variants i.e. (underwear, gadgets, fashion items, clothing, etc.)

For Sizes: One really cool tip to try is to compare the size displayed on the specification page with items around your home; like a: basket, water bottle, book, your makeup items etc. (depending on what the item you are purchasing is)

This should give you an idea of how big or small the item is.

As for colors and others variations that may occur for a product, you can directly spot that from the specification page.

NB: Some sellers will offer products and claim it comes with an extra item (on the product name), but sometimes, this could be a bait to lure you into purchasing the item from them. The only way you can really confirm whether or not the claim is true is by thoroughly reading the specifications page. alert-warning

-Check descriptions:

Don't just stop at checking product specifications.

Read product descriptions to get a hint at the features, details, problem it solves and why you should buy it.

-Compare sellers of the same products:

Whenever you search for an item on jumia, don't just settle for the products returned at the top of search results.

They are not always the best deals.

Look for other sellers and compare their prices and reputation.

While doing so, you should bear in mind that the higher priced product between any same items offered by different sellers, is not always the better qualityalert-warning

Rather, use the seller information alongside reviews to decide which merchant to purchase form.

Also, there are some offers on jumia that you should be wary of.
They include;
  • Items with exorbitantly high prices.
  • Items offering very low prices with lots of gifts.
  • Items with exorbitantly low prices (with an exception of products used for jumia promotions and deals).
You can use filters to speed up the search for 'other sellers'.

-Avoid fake discounts and prices:

Many sellers on jumia are guilty of purposely inflating product price and claiming to offer it at a good discount once they notice the product is pulling in sales and good reviews.

Usually, they'll be the only sellers of the product at that time.

This can be misleading for customers.

How can you spot these misleading deals?

Compare prices with sellers on other shopping platforms and also with the recommended retail price and look out for a huge dip in price difference.

That's a sign the price is inflated.

-Check the return status of any product before purchase:

It's always good practice to lookup on the return status of any product before confirming it's purchase.

Jumia has a full list of returnable items along with guidelines for a successful return process. It's on their help page!

Access it, so that whenever you get the wrong product delivered, you already know if it's jumia warehouse or the charity basket.

-Check the delivery time:

Another thing you should be doing before confirming any purchase is to check the estimated delivery time.

This will ensure that you know the exact time frame to expect an order and make necessary arrangements to receive it successfully.

You can find the delivery information of any product on its page.

Also, if you ever feel the need to checkup on the progress of your order, you can use the jumia package tracker to monitor the delivery timeline of your package.

2) Compare Prices:

Check out different sellers of the same product and compare their prices. The best deal will come from the seller with a decent reputation offering the lowest price.

3) Follow Jumia on Social Media:

When it comes to online shopping in Nigeria, jumia is a cut above.
It's their crazy promotion strategies!

And it's not just how they pamper us with crazy deals but how frequently they do it.

The sad thing though, is that a lot of shoppers don't get to feel this love simply because they're not sticking to mummy the right way.

So if you're jumia shopper, here's tip number two.

Follow jumia on its facebook and twitter handles and turn on notifications.

You'll never miss a single important deal!

4) Check-out with Jumia Pay:

Honestly, I don't get why anyone would fancy pay on delivery over jumia pay as payment option. (except of course you're a Jforce agent)

I mean, not only is the latter more convenient, it's safer and also the best to enjoy discounts and special deals. 

As at the time of publication, jumia pay offers a 5% discount on every single cart you confirm.

Aside that, jumia pay customers get to score the majority of special deals and sweet discounts during extensive promotions like the anniversary sales and black firday.

And of course, the less exciting deals is what's left for the 'non-premium customers'.

Jumia Pay

Now before you lambaste jumia hard on this,

It costs N0.00 to register a jumia pay account!

5) Use the Jumia App:

If you're wondering how this could make a difference, then pay close attention.

All those incentives? 5% discount and all the bonuses you enjoy when you register a jumia pay account?

More than half of them are only accessible form the jumia mobile app.

Aside that,

Crazy contests such as flash sales and treasure hunt which serve the fastest fingers first can only be conveniently contested in using the seamless experience of the mobile app.

In short, if you're not using the mobile app for jumia shopping,

you're not getting the most out of your jumia shopping experience!

Jumia Mobile App

6) Subscribe for Jumia Prime:

Jumia prime is the latest innovation from the jumia thinkers.
It is a paid subscription package that enables you to shop any product on jumia with zero shipping fees for a preset duration.

If that wasn't exciting, there's one more thing.

You can place as much orders as you like within the period covered in your package!

Jumia Prime

7) Sign up for Jumia Newsletter:

As i mentioned before, the best way to boost your chances of securing

~the nicest deals,
~on special occasions,
~earlier than everyone,

...is to stay in touch with jumia.

Now if following brands on social media doesn't sound like your thing, you can sign up for jumia newsletter and let them follow you instead.

It's easy, just create an account with a working phone number and a valid email address and let jumia do all the reaching.

If you're one obsessed jumia customer,
You can read the jumia blog to keep up with it's latest news and innovations.

8) Participate in Jumia Events and Promotions:

Jumia hosts a handful of events and the only way to enjoy the goodies is by participating in them.

You need to get social with jumia and sign up for their newsletter to ensure you get the most out of your jumia membership and never miss out on an important date or giveaway.

Jumia Promotions

Here are some of the popular jumia promotions:

Jumia Black Friday: Popular for it's crazy incentives like the iPhone and Samsung Galaxy treasure hunts (99.9 % off in discount), Massive discounts of up to 80% on jumia items, Clearance and Flash Sales, Daily Giveaways, and so much more! (Date: November - December) 
Jumia Anniversary Sales: Jumia's birthday party with lots of Mega Flash and Clearance Sales. (Date: June - July)
Jumia Mobile week: Popular for it's attractive discounts on mobile phones and electronics.

9) Check out "Deals of the Day":

The "Deals Of The Day" are special deals handpicked by jumia and featured on their frontpage. They can last for up to 24 hours and are usually limited in stock.
Deals of the Day is a good place to stock your cart with juicy deals that are pocket friendly.

Jumia Deals of the Day

10) Don't Forget to Use Vouchers: 

Whenever a voucher code is posted on social media or sent out through newsletters, make sure you copy them to somewhere you can easily remember. Its easy to forget about voucher codes while they are a good way to reduce a chunk from your final checkout price. 

Other Resources:

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