The Pros and Cons of Blogging

There are alot of positives attached with starting a blog and growing it to success.

By positives I’m talking, some serious self-improvement, job opportunities, financial freedom along with many others. 

But, that’s just the positives. And like many other things, blogging has its downsides too. Some of these downsides bear serious weight and are part of the reasons why many bloggers eventually end up quitting.

Thus, it is important that you learn and understand the advantages and disadvantages of blogging beforehand.

This way, you would be prepared for the challenges to be encountered as well as the benefits reapable when you eventually decide to join the community.

I advise you take your time and evaluate these benefits and dis-benefits of blogging in order to be able to make a rational decision in the end.

Without much talking,
Here are the key pros and cons of blogging. To keep the moral high up, I’ll start with the pros of blogging.

The Pros of Professional Blogging 

 1] No coding skills, no problem: Before now, blogging used to be for the HTML and PHP users. Those who know coding through and through. But, not anymore. The introduction of blogging software has made it possible for non-technical users like you and me to easily setup a blog and manage it without the need for any programming or technical skills whatsoever. All you need to start a blog nowadays is an Internet connection and a working mouse; to click, click, and click! 

2] There is a blog for every budget: Whether you’re on a N0 budget or looking to spend a thousand bucks on the best hosting and website builder, there is a blogging system out there just for you. Read here: The best free and paid blogging systems.

3] You can make a blog successful without breaking the bank: No doubt, the fastest and most effectual way to grow a blog is to break the bank. Spend huge on adverts, keyword word research, professional writers as well as good content marketers and expect to see juicy results almost instantly.

But, nobody said it’s the only effective way. If you have little or no money to spend but enough patience and persistence, using inexpensive SEO techniques alongside cheap and free blogging tools consistently should produce a satisfying result.. but on the long run.

4] Creating unique and quality articles is easier for those with prior skills and experience on the topic: Ask any blogger to make a list of the challenges tied with day-day blogging and “creating unique and quality contents” must surely be a part of it. 

When you have sound knowledge on a topic, brainstorming contents and unique ideas should be less of a problem. And when you possess good writing and creative skills, hatching up these unique ideas into quality and engaging blog posts should be duck soup. 

In short, having prior experience and expertise on a topic alongside good creative and communication skills should gain you authority and trust of the audience in no time. That in turn simplifies blogging for you. So if you’re seriously skilled in a topic and you’re yet to join blogging, you’re already missing out on this big plus.

5] You develop a habit of writing better: There’s a saying 'practice makes perfect'. A quite enticing exemplar of this proverb is the “research and writing” of blogging.

As a blogger, you’re always exposed to constant researching and writing.

You get to read more because you research more and what this does is it exposes you to the tones and way of writing of different authors. Learning juicy phrases, and everyday popular words and idioms unexpectedly becomes a part of you.

As you create more and more blog posts, you naturally begin to write like these authors; incorporating these phrases and words and eventually developing your own voice and rhythm.

6] Develop better researching skills: For you to be able to create standout contents that’ll will shimmer your blog above all in your niche, you’ll need to research books, blogs, social platforms, and even delve into your experiences and knowledge for ideas and information. 
This exercise of digging out information from virtually every angle is a necessity with almost every blog post and it will equip you with the precious skill of smart researching naturally with time. 

7] The Physiological Benefits: Writing and editing contents for a blog does more than just improving your communication and researching skills. When you blog, you skin out some physiological benefits from it too. 

*Confidence and a boost in self-esteem which will likely root out from your unpessimistic reception of negative backlash and motivating comments from fans.

*Patience which you’ll build from the persistent understanding that blogging success doesn't come overnight.

*Awareness as a result of research and mingling with other bloggers.

*Creativity and productivity which you’ll gain from your day to day content creation, and..

*Purpose arising from the aims and goals you’ll define during your blogging journey, are some of the benefits you will reap from your day to day professional blogging.

8] You gain authority and become an expert: When you constantly share your helpful contents and people start noticing how helpful they are, your authority begins to grow.

Audience would deem you an expert and hold onto your contents with greater trust and confidence.

As you expand your knowledge thorough research, this authority and expertise grows even more. You’ll start to earn recognition from influential people in your niche as well as from top blogs and brands.

9] Job opportunities: A successful blogging campaign mobilizes one with so many helpful skills that are harnessable in and outside of the profession. It can also favor one in certain job opportunities well above others. 

For example, an online employer looking for a content marketer will most likely hire you; with a solid online presence and successful works to show as opposed to someone with the qualifications but no online work and experience to serve as a proof. 

Blogging skills like Content creation and SEO find use in content marketing, freelance writing, editor jobs, online marketing etc. 
While others such as software skills (i.e. Photoshop, After-effect, MS word, MS excel) can be useful in graphics designing, logo making, presentation editing, and many more limited only by the capacity of your thinking.

Another important skill that you gain from blogging is “niche expertise” and with that, you’re favorite and open to so many opportunities in your field, both online and in the outside world.

10] Freedom and flexibility: With blogging, you can get a shot at becoming your own boss where you control your own staffs and work at your own convenience. This flexibility with which blogging comes with alongside the financial freedom when your tireless efforts finally turn into heavy bank alert notifications is simply everything that makes blogging worth the try.

11] A great marketing tool: Blogging can be a powerful marketing tool for business owners. 
When you own a blog as a business, you can grow your authority and customer base faster through effective campaigns.
As if that isn't enough, you can get to learn from these customers about your products and services through feedbacks, and improve on these products and services for even more satisfaction and better sales. And just so you know, this is merely a part of the vast marketing potentials of blogging that you as a business can tap from.

12] A source of fund for your business: If you've always fancied to start a high capital business like real estate or a boutique, but you’re daunted by the idea of loans and aids, you can start a blogging campaign related to this niche. If everything goes right and the blog eventually turns a hit, you can fund this dream into reality.

13] Attend events and get to know influential people: As said earlier, effective blogging allows you to expand and get noticed in your field. If your field is an active one that hold a lot of seminars and events, you can have brands reaching out to you for events and collaborations which can see you mingle with the prominent heads in your field. 

14] Incredible outreach: Blogging is referred to as a powerful marketing tool for a reason. It has an incredible outreach. In a successful blogging campaign, you can end up reaching and motivating thousands to millions of people with your contents.

15] Blogging can be a side hustle: You don’t have to quit your day job to run a blog. As a matter of fact, a lot of successful bloggers started out sandwiching both at convenience and eventually quitting their day job as their blog earnings grew! You can start a blog as a side hustle while still -in school, college, or still working and see if you can succeed with it.

16] Anyone can start a blog: One juicy part about blogging is that almost anyone can start a blog.

The Cons of Professional Blogging:

1] It can be costly: Choosing to go 100% free with blogging poses its own risk too. 
Your progress could be slow if not stunted. 

*Opt for free hosting and you're constantly dealing with unguaranteed up-times, limited bandwidth and storage. 
*Opt for free themes and you're either infected with a malware or have to deal with annoying footer credit links at the bottom of every page. 
*Opt for a free domain and you'll be stuck with a website that you don't fully own. 

In essence, theres just so much to risk when you decide to go 'free', that at times it leaves one with no other option but to spend.
And when you calculate the cost of getting a domain name, a hosting, a template, Internet access, blogging tools and accessories etc. (as it applies to a certain blogger), this can be awfully expensive.

2] The day to day running of a blog can take a chunk of your social and personal time: The way we’re compelled to think about blogging is; that at first, its all work and no rest and in the end its always bundles of free time and wealth. 

As much as i hate to say, when your blog matures and starts to get crazy attention, you're bound to have more sleepless nights trying to meet targets and keeping up with demands (to say the least) than you did at the start! You can almost never be able to take your eyes off your blog especially with the compulsion to ‘make more and stay up there’! 

You can find yourself always isolated with your PC from friends and families, and always missing out on key gatherings and social events.

3] Any meaningful progress will take time: If you're opting for free Search Engine Optimisation techniques (Free SEO), you better be making sure you have all it takes to persevere the test of time you'll be put through to achieve meaningful results. Techniques are slow in purging out results especially when they’re not paid for, although the results can be lasting.

4] Content sourcing and development can be a headache: It's easier thinking ideas in your head than actually realising them. Maybe that is why we never dwell as much time as we should in the crucial step of ‘niche selection’ who knows? At times, even the so called experts and experienced ones find it difficult to source and develop contents capable of triggering shares and engagements from their readers, let alone someone blogging in a niche simply because of its high Cost Per Click. 

Sourcing and developing contents for a blog requires 
*A form of inspiration and a degree of expertisim,
*A method of ‘stealing’ and avoiding infringement, 
*Writing for SEO while still maintaining an engaging and readable format, 
*Owning your media or permission to use a media,
*Writing incisively while still delivering an extensive - non-boring piece of content, 
*Copying and not producing a duplicate.

In short, there’s so much ‘unappealing limitations’ to be subjected to in order to be able to finally come up with that piece of content which isn't even guaranteed a nestling place in the hearts of your readers.

5] Broad opinions of experts is a major source of confusion for newbies: More often than not, newbies find themselves seeking to use tips and advices from more than one expert at a time when they start out. And since every expert has a different story to share (some lies), the new guys are always left bewildered as these advices could at times come to contradictory conclusions. Newbies never seem to get it right do they! 

6] No direct pattern on how to grow a successful blog: The process of starting a blog and growing it to success would have been much more easier if there was a clear direct path on how to do such. But there isn't. You will have have to perform several trial and errors of your own to finally get a scheme that works for you. To be in clearer terms, what works for A will not always work for B in blogging.

7] The envelope of blogging techniques is just overwhelming: There are so many methods linking to a ton of others and these others linking to a ton others. Its like the feeling you're never going to get over the learning phase of blogging at start. Trust me, there'll be eagerness to want to put things you've learnt to practice but there be more and more you'll uncover every single day! It'll take good amount of perseverance to endure the long lasting ‘learning phase of blogging’ and a chuck amount of discernment to be able to tell what to skip and what not to.

8] Procrastination is hard to deal with: If you're someone who suffers a lot with time management, you'll probably fall a victim of procrastination. Productivity blows away with procrastination. As a result, the more you postpone the less productive you're likely to become.

9] Copyright: All contents (images, videos, articles, informations infographics e.t.c) on the Internet are with owners.

While some owners would require a degree of cooperation from you and any other third party to access their contents for your non-commercial or commercial use.

Some strictly forbid you and any other third party form accessing their contents even for your non-commercial personal use! 
A breach of this agreement could see you infringing on their rights which could have legal consequences. 

This fact also piles up the stress of sourcing for contents since you are either going to reach out and seek permission to use contents or simply create your own from scratch! 

10] Can affect your health: The overall stress and strain bundle that accompanies blogging can pose some serious challenges in certain individuals i.e (stress acne, tired skin, eye problems, constant headaches e.t.c)

11] Sticking to routine can be a big challenge: One key trait of successful bloggers is their ability to constantly keep-up with their routine just as a mommy cat checks-up on her kittens. But that's no easy task! The very first routine you'll probably put up will most likely require numerous adjustments due unforeseen interferences as well as deep discipline from your end to be able to follow it religiously. This could take months to forever!

12] To spend less, you’ll need to master the suite of blogging skills: Of course! If you wish to spend only on a domain name and hosting,

*You will need coding skills to design your very own template and the technical skills to mange it. 
*A good researching skills to come up with content ideas and the (writing, editing, media creating, media editing and SEO) skills to hatch them down into a fantastic piece. 
*Networking skills to connect with people and Marketing skills to promote your contents. 
*Follow-up skills to keep up with people and trends, and social media skills to boost your contents on social media. 

or else you're going to have to pay and get things done! 

13] You’re constantly online, so you need 100% Internet access: Blogging requires that you have an uninterrupted access to the Internet especially when you're starting to drive in traffic and attention. You'll need to constantly keep up with people, research ideas for new contents, promote your already existing contents on social media, track and follow-up your websites progress through analytical tools and so many more! All of which would require an uninterrupted Internet access.

14] Perfection factor: One huge factor that slows down a lot of bloggers at times is the ‘perfection factor’. It simply means the obsession to create that ‘perfect content’, and you might as well be dealing with that in the course of your blogging journey.

15] You many end up resorting to lies: False stories are the easiest to come up with and are the most likely to shoot up engagements. When lack of ideas and sources for genuine contents hits up bloggers, they usually resort to lying.

16] Personal attacks: A blog presents one with a platform to voice out whatever it is the want to voice out. It means one posses the freedom to express. But as past experiences have shown, there are pitch limits beyond which one’s voice should never cross. Thus, It is to a bloggers own interest and safety to be mindful of things they say to ensure their overall influence isn't getting on the wrong nerves. There are over 3 billion Internet users, you sure are getting on someones nerves!

17] A little bit of a headache for those without laptops: We are approaching times where it is now possible to operate blogs with smartphones and tablets. But even so, the bigger screens are still needed to; 

*Access more advanced features of Internet applications,
*Run sophisticated video and image manipulating software, and 
*Perform extensive multitasking say the least. 
All of these which are quite stressful or impossible to achieve with a mere smartphone.  

So there you have it ladies and gentlemen, the pros and cons of blogging.
Be sure to leave your thoughts and questions below and share this piece if you enjoyed reading.
Thank you.

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