How to Use the inbuilt iPhone Calculator App (with few tricks)

Iphone Calculator App
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On one or two occasions, you'll find the need launch into the inbuilt iPhone calculator app to garner one or two results. And if you are not already familiar with some of it's useful features and manipulations, your use of the app could be restricted by a great deal.

So here’s how to use the inbuilt iPhone calculator for homework, at store and while taking a whiz.

The Standard and Scientific Calculators: 

When you launch into the iPhone calculator app using portrait orientation, you are accessing the standard calculator which supports only basic arithmetic operations (+-*/)

Iphone Standard Calculator

To access the scientific calculator, you will need to deactivate the portrait orientation lock from the control center (if it's not already deactivated) and swivel the iPhone into a landscape orientation.

This will give access to a more advanced calculator with trigonometric and logarithmic functions.

Iphone Scientific Calculator

Tip 1: The '+/-' button on the calculator allows the use of positive and negative numbers for calculations. alert-information
Tip 2: The '2nd' button on the scientific calculator gives you access to more functions like the inverse trigonometric and hyperbolic functions. alert-information

Perform calculations using the iPhone search bar:

One alternative to manually locating the calculator app yourself or have siri --the assistant launch it for you, is to enter your calculations directly into the iPhone search bar.

The results would be computed and displayed as soon as you type in the operations.

Iphone Search Bar Calculator

Tip: You get to use brackets to perform nested operations i.e 5*(9+5(6*8)). alert-success
Note: You wont be able to use the functions on the scientific calculator. alert-warning

Delete Entries:

When you want to delete the last digit of an entry--simply swipe left or right on the calculator's display.

 Iphone Swipe To Delete Digits 

To clear the last entry tap the clear (C) key and to delete all entries tap on the All Clear (AC) key.

Copy results: 

At times you may want to copy a calculation result to a note or message.

To do that, simply press the answer on the calculator's display and select copy.

Outside the app you can use 3D touch to copy result by long pressing on the calculator icon and tapping on "Copy Last Result".

You can then paste the answer to a note or wherever you want it.

Iphone calculator 3D touch feature

Let Siri do the math for you:

Siri can handle basic arithmetic operations like simple additions, subtractions, multiplications or additions.

If all you need is say: 3 times 4 or 20 percent of 500, you can easily command siri to give you the answer rather than having to launch the app and make such calculations yourself.

Bonus: missing or deleted app? No worries, simply head to the app store and search for 'calculator' to download a new one. alert-success

If you learned something new from this article or have your own calculator trick to share, let us know in the comment section below.

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