The Ultimate Guide To Jumia Black Friday (2019)

Jumia Black friday 2019

Jumia Black Friday is just around the corner. On 2nd -31st November, thousands of products across jumia's site will see some of the steepest discounts of the year.

Thousands of vouchers will be awarded and hundreds of gifts will be won.

Its the perfect opportunity to buy those bits you've been putting off, such as a washing machine, or to simply treat yourself to a brand new smartphone.

But of course if you want to leverage this lucrative opportunity, the time to start planning is now.

Here's everything you need to conquer Jumia Black Friday 2019 edition.

What is Jumia Black Friday?

Jumia Black Friday is an annual event held by jumia, with millions of deals available on a variety of products.

It started out as a shopping event that offered shoppers a huge savings for one day only, but has turned into a one month mega-sale with lots of gifts and giveaways.

During this event, prices across different categories and relevant jumia websites can fall by up to 80% or more—with lighter categories like fashion and health care bagging the highest discounts (up to 80% off), while heavier categories like electronics and mobile phones get the lowest cuts (up to 40% off).

Another scrap of the black friday deals are steeply discounted products (50% off and more) reserved for campaigns such as flash sales and treasure hunts.

These special campaigns are run only on specific periods during the jumia black friday event.

Several other promotions are also available with lots of big gifts awarded.

These gifts can include; smartphones, vouchers, flying tickets to certain country, a car, gaming consoles, and many more.

These promotions are usually announced via social media or through newsletters.

What is Jumia Black Friday

A Brief History of The Jumia Black Friday

The Jumia Black Friday was first introduced back in 2013 and didn't really gain much traction then untill the second edition which ran the following year.

The event in 2014 which served a full 24 hours enticing customers with crazy deals every hour—managed to pull a staggering 400% increase in orders compared to other days of the year and attracted over 10 million page views to the jumia website.

A feat jumia had never reached before!

The subsequent black friday also enjoyed a replica of the success in 2014 and even had better figures.

In 2016, the event which normally lasted for 24 hours was extended to 12 jaw-dropping days and the focus was extended beyond the jumia mall only.

This meant that other relevant jumia websites such as the jumia travel, jumia food etc. were also included in the black friday event and would be seeing discounts across their various products.

In 2018, the black friday was extended from 12 days to a whole month—with over 1 million deals made available for the event.

That was a tremendous increase form the 100,000 deals of the previous year.

The 2018 edition which extensively built on the success of its previous year enjoyed blockbuster figures in all statistics relatable.

History of Jumia Black Friday

The Jumia Black Friday Partners:

Jumia black friday has enjoyed staggering numbers over the past few years all thanks to the dozens of partners that federate with jumia every single year to make it happen.

The event enjoys the partnership of big brands like MTN, Binatone, Eco-Bank, and FCMB to mention a few,
...and also that of thousands of vendors of the jumia mall.

These partners have worked tirelessly with jumia every single year to make the black friday campaign one of the biggest shopping event of the year that it is today.

When is the Jumia Black Friday 2019?

Jumia Black Friday 2019 has not been officially announced yet.

But based on past trends, it is likely to start around November and run for a whole month.

What Offers to Expect on Jumia Black Friday?

Flash Sales: 

These are promotions offered for a short period of time.

The quantity is limited, which means the discounts are higher and more significant than the run-of-the-mill promotions.

They have a high degree of competition and will blow out of stock in a FLASH!

You need to be crazy fast and smart to win these deals.

Some of the items popularly used for flash sales include:

  • Mobile phones (Samsung, iPhone, etc. at up to 50% off)
  • Electronics (up to 60% off)
  • Kitchen items (up to 40% off)
  • .....and many more.

Jumia Black Friday Flash Sales

Treasure Hunts: 

These are super hot deals that are hugely limited in quantity.

They are concealed and hidden randomly in the jumia app with series of clues presented to customers to help them locate the items.

Customers who successfully locate these items and quickly place an order before any other participant are declared the winners of the respective contests.

To be honest,

This one is at level hard.

And that is because everybody and their moms will be targeting to find the ultimate price.

So expect occasional app crashing and progress resetting messages like this:

Jumia Black Friday Problems

Treasure hunt deals can be free or have discounts of up to 99.9% off.

And all previous winners are not allowed to participate in future treasure hunt campaigns for the rest of the event.

Some of the items popularly used in treasure hunts include:
    • Mobile phones (Samsung, iPhone, etc.)
    • Electronics,  
    • Vouchers up to 50k,
    • .....and many more.

    Jumia Treasure Hunts

    The 'Run-of-the-mill' deals: 

    These are the least discounted deals of the jumia black friday.

    They make up about 90% of the entire black friday deals and their discounts can vary from 10% - 80% across all categories and jumia websites.

    They are non competitive compared to other campaigns and some of them are renewed every 24 hours.
    You can find them by simply scanning through categories, pages, deals of the day, top deals, and other labels on the jumia websites.

    Regular Jumia Black Friday Deal

    Gifts and Giveaways: 

    These are prices that are gifted to a limited number of customers having fulfilled a preset condition.

    These conditions can vary each year.

    Some of these preset conditions and their winning prices from previous editions include:
    • 10% off for any customer who completes an order with a minimum basket of N5,000 using an FCMB account. (2017)
    • Question and answer sessions (with gifts like :Free electricity bill, Vouchers etc.) -- every year.
    • Spin the wheel of fortune and stand a chance to win voucher codes of up to 50K (usable only with some preset conditions too) 2017 - till date.
    •  Free cinemas tickets to every black friday shopper with a valid jumia order (2017)
    • A complementary treat courtesy of McVities biscuits to the first 1,000 customers to place Jumia Express orders everyday (2017)
    • A grand price of Ford Figo car and AIR France-KLM tickets to the biggest spenders of the jumia black friday (2017)
    • Find a treasure hunt item and automatically win free ticket to a concert. (2017- till date)
    • ...and so many more.

    Jumia Black Friday Gifts and Giveaways

    You can visit the jumia facebook page and blog to learn more about the previous editions.

    Big Bang Sales: 

    These are the biggest sales of the jumia black friday.

    They are available only on fridays and their discount, volume, and competition is usually 2x that of any other day.

    They are made up of flash sales, treasure hunts, run-of-the-mill deals and other promotions.

    Jumia Black Friday Big Bang Sales

    What deals to expect in the 2019 Jumia black friday?

    This will be updated when jumia announces the 2019 black friday.

    How to participate in Jumia Black Friday?

    1] Follow Jumia on Social Media:

    All announcements concerning the jumia black friday such as:

    ~Dates and time of flash sales and treasure hunts,
    ~Clues to find treasure hunt items,
    ~Big Bang deals,
    ...and many more,

    will be done via social media first.

    So make sure you follow jumia on social media especially on Facebook and twitter.

    That is where they are most active.

    2] Subscribe to jumia newsletter:

    Again, this will expand your coverage so you dont miss any deals when they go live or are about to.

    You can find the subscription box at the bottom section of the jumia website.

    You might have to load the desktop version to see the box. alert-info

    3] Download the jumia app and register an account:

    Without the jumia app, there's no point bothering yourself with the jumia black friday.

    And thats because,

    All the huge discounts, flash sales, treasure hunts, and other massive promotions are only accessible from the app.

    So when you shop black friday using the jumia website,

    All you're actually getting is bland unexciting deals!

    Do yourself a favor and download the jumia app.

    And not only that, make sure you register an account as soon as you download the app and fill in all your details including your shipping address.

    If you already have the jumia app, make sure you are running the most updated version.

    Previous versions might have bugs that can serve as road-blocks during flash sale or treasure hunt campaign.

    Also, make sure you familiarize yourself with the app and all its features.

    Practice navigation through the app and learn how to place an order if you dont already know how to.

    It will help you fetch that extra speed you need to gain the advantage in flash sales and treasure hunts.

    4] Register a Jumia Pay Account:

    Jumia black friday is all about spending less and winning big.

    And one of the golden rules to achieve that is to check out on all orders with jumia pay as the preferred payment option.

    It will save you money.

    Also, the fact that jumia pay stores your card details (not the sensitive type of course) makes it ideally the best choice for flash sales and treasure hunts.

    That is called...

    Saving time!

    Something you cant afford to joke with during flash sales!

    Plus, i know jumia very well,

    They will definitely restrict a lot of campaigns to jumia pay customers only.

    And that might even include the flash sale and treasure hunt promotions!

    So be on the safer side and register a jumia pay account.

    Its free.

    5. Subscribe to our Newsletter: 

    Last but not the least is to sign up for our newsletter.

    Scanning through million of deals and trying to identify the best deals out there can be overwhelming.

    Our team of 11 would be raiding the jumia app to single out the best deals we can find and will be updating them from time to time here on the blog.

    So make sure you subscribe to this blog and constantly check your emails for regular updates.

    Tips for Jumia Black friday?

    Here are our expert bits of advice to help you nab the hottest bargains on jumia black friday.

    For Run-of-the-mill Deals:

    We have a detailed guide covering all the tips you need to snare the best deals on jumia. 

    You can read it here:

    For Flash Sales:

    1] Mark the time a flash sale will be going live: 

    Jumia often preannounce flash sales on social media and other channels days before they go live.

    So make sure you constantly check the jumia handles for these announcements.

    Once you find them,
    Mark down the time your flash sale item is going live and make sure to be on the flash sale page at least 15 minutes before the time.

    When the whistle blows, keep reloading the page untill the item shows up and try to checkout as fast as you can.

    Note: Jumia can decide to change the flash sale guidelines for their next black friday event. So make sure you always read and conform to the rules and regulations presented for a particular year. alert-warning 

    2] Make sure you are properly signed into your jumia account before any flash sale: 

    This will ensure that you are not prompted to enter your login details when you try to checkout on a flash sale item.

    Remember, even a nano second can separate winners from losers in these kind of campaigns.

    3] Fill your account details correctly before hand:

    Ensure that your account details such as shipping address, name, phone number etc. are correctly entered beforehand.

    This will prevent unnecessary delays and guarantee a smooth checkout process.

    3] Ensure your device is in a good state:

    If your smartphone is not in a proper condition—maybe the buttons are difficult to press or the touch is not responding well.

    Ensure that you login on a more reliable phone.

    You need to eliminate any blockade that could potentially slow you down!

    3] Get a stable internet connection:

    This one here can make or break your flash sale campaign.

    If you know you dont have a stable internet connection, do yourself a favor and find a solution right before the flash sales begins.

    Unless you want to run into this kind of message at checkout.

    Jumia Black Friday Drawbacks

    Remember, even a nano second can separate winners form losers in flash sales!

    4] Update to the latest version of the jumia app:

    We have heard stories of people who managed to add a flash sale item to a cart and quickly proceed to checkout only to see a login page pop-up, or for the app to crash.

    To avoid bugs like this, make sure you download and install the latest jumia app from the stores.

    5] Make sure you setup a jumia pay account:

    Register a jumia pay account and add a working card to it.
    It will enable you checkout on items faster and more efficiently than any other payment method.

    6] Copy and paste voucher codes: 

    Keep your eyes out for voucher codes that will be posted on social media so that you can immediately copy and paste them during checkouts.

    You dont want to start typing those long BS codes!
    Not really bull shit :)

    For Treasure Hunts:

    1] Mark the time your treasure hunt pick will be going live: 

    Like the flash sales, treasure hunts are also preannounced on social media and other channels days before they go live.

    Make sure you mark down the time for a particular treasure hunt and stick to Jumia's social media pages for clues --about 15 minutes to the hunt.

    When the clues are posted, try to understand what they mean and quickly apply the interpretations to search for the hidden item.

    When you find the item, add it to your cart and checkout as quickly as possible.

    Jumia Black Friday Treasure Hunt Clues

    2] Read the treasure hunt rules and regulations:

    The treasure hunt guideline page contains all the rules for participation as well as information on how the treasure hunt works.

    It will be provided by jumia during the black friday campaign (usually after the treasure hunt preannouncements).

    Make sure you read and understand the entire guidelines before setting out for your first hunt!

    Jumia Treasure Hunt Clues

    4] Hunt in packs: 

    Asking your friends or family to help out in a treasure hunt search is a good way to boost your chances of securing the grand price.

    You might even be able to decode the clues faster.

     Like they say two heads are better than one!

    How to Profit With Jumia Black Friday?

    1] Become a Retailer: Buy a handful of items at lower prices during the jumia black friday and sell them later at good profits.

    2] Become a Jforce agent: As a Jforce agent, you earn a percentage commission on every order you successfully complete with your jumia account.

    That said, you can use the low discounts of the black friday to your advantage and place as much orders as you can for clients.

    They spend less, you earn big! alert-success

    Read more about Jumia Jforce Program.

    Frequently Asked Questions.

    a) Can i use the helpline to place flash sale and treasure hunt orders?

    Answer: No you cant.

    b) Is there an app for jumia Black friday?

    Answer: No there isn't. You are only required to download the jumia mobile app.

    c) What is the official black friday handle?

    Answer: The official black friday handles are not officially announced yet. But we would be updating this page with all the handles once they are made known to us.

    d) Is there any post black friday deals?

    Answer: The major promotion succeeding the jumia black friday is the Christmas sales. You can enjoy petty discounts at up to 40% off on products.
    Thank you for reading all the way till the end. If you found this guide useful and practical, please share with your friends.

    Happy Black Friday Shopping!

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